How Trace Helps

September 30, 2013

Trace at Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center

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Trace Benefits at Glance

  • Eliminates he-said, she-said scenarios
  • Training tool for staff
  • Supports staff interactions with patients and physicians


  • 186 licensed beds
  • 9,451 average annual admissions
  • 93,966 average annual outpatient tests
  • 2,753 average annual deliveries
  • 62 Patient Access Representatives
  • 850 hospital employees


  • Needed to improve inter-departmental communications
  • Lots of training inaccuracies
  • Patients claimed they were never told what they owed
  • No way to prove we followed the right procedure when a payer or physician dispute would arise
  • Inefficient manual work copying payer websites down by hand
  • Point of service collections were non-existent
  • Time wasted trying to track down answers, lots of “he said, she said”


  • Eliminate disputes by capturing all communications. Every interaction is captured in some way that management can review.
  • Training tool for moments when staff claim they said one thing, but the recording shows something different.
  • Efficiently capture payer’s web sites; with a click of a button an image of the web page is saved directly into Trace.
  • Dispelling patient claims that they were never told what they owed. Staff can go to any computer in the hospital and pull up recordings showing when the patient was told what to pay.
  • Saved staff frustration from a disgruntled employee at a doctor’s office who continually used unprofessional tactics.

“Trace helps ensure that we’re doing all the right things that make a positive patient experience happen.” -Tony Lovett, Director of Patient Access


  • Everything is stored in one place; time is no longer wasted researching what really happened
  • No more inefficient, old-fashioned fax machines; all the information goes to Trace where it’s available so that anyone in the organization can pull it up at any time
  • Captures productivity. Trace demonstrates staff productivity levels by logging the times each call is started and stopped throughout each shift.
  • Eliminates hold time
  • Provides 24/7 scheduling
  • Impactful staff training as it allows management to play back both good and bad examples of customer service
  • Improves behavior for all parties as a result of recording calls.