How Trace Helps

September 30, 2013

Trace Helps CentraState Improve Patient Experience


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Outcomes Achieved at CentraState

  • Used voice recording as a training tool to improve customer service throughout the facility
  • Identified customer service issues that may have otherwise gone undetected
  • Maintained high Press Ganey scores in Patient Access for 8+ years
  • Provided a backup for staff by verifying information they have communicated
  • Validated a job well done by the staff

Providers must communicate often complex information to patients in a manner that is clear, thorough and compassionate. Ensuring the quality and accuracy of this communication was a challenge for CentraState Medical Center prior to implementing Trace to conduct quality assurance of employee interactions with patients.

CentraState leveraged Trace to record employee conversations with patients and now records all ingoing and outgoing calls in the call center, credit center and in patient financial services. Along with the recordings, CentraState uses Trace to capture faxes, web visits and other communication about the patient. All recordings are indexed to the patient record and made available for retrieval through a searchable web interface, giving the hospital a complete picture of the patient’s path through the revenue cycle.

CentraState was recently featured by The Beryl Institute for its efforts to improve patient experience by improving the quality of communication with patients.

To read the case study published by The Beryl Institute, click here.