How Trace Helps


Trace gives you instant access to all communication surrounding a patient, available in a single location. Records can be used to prevent and overturn denials, increase collections, improve productivity and provide better service to patients and physicians

Revenue Protection

Resolve Conflicts Fast. Because You Can Retrieve The Proof.

Trace puts you back in control. Because you have the information you need to take charge. Since Trace captures all communication and places everything in a searchable database, it can eliminate problems with mismatched authorizations, claim denials, misplaced records, patient out-of-pocket expenses and other issues that can add up to millions of dollars each year. For one hospital, Trace helped overturn $400,000 in denials, plus prevented another $900,000 in denials over the course of a single year. In another case, Trace helped reduce denied claims from over $700,000 to less than $25,000 per year.


No Matter Who Ordered It, It’s Now In Order.

Instead of communication working against you, Trace makes it work for you by creating an organized way to collect and retrieve information as you need it. This gives you the ability to improve patient care in a number of ways.

Trace collects patient information via voice, fax and electronic media. So if a doctor faxes a patient order in, it’s accessible by everyone involved in patient care, and it can be forwarded electronically, without the need for extra paperwork or delays. Having information available in one place can also dramatically speed up processes, making things more convenient for the patient and saving the hospital time and money.

For example, in one case, Trace allowed a hospital to reduce the time necessary for Medicaid notification of admission from over an hour to just five minutes.

Faster response throughout the care chain often means that physicians and the hospital can work together more closely to assess the approved level of care and facilitate a safe and timely discharge.


If Questions Arise, You’ll Have The Answers.

Trace can provide a facility with a powerful tool for managing compliance. With all patient records available in one interface, it’s a simple process to retrieve information and provide the documentation necessary to show your hospital is in compliance. Trace also is an effective way to train personnel to be consistent in their record keeping so that it’s easier to remain in compliance.

The Trace platform is designed with HIPAA/HITECH compliance in view. Protocols throughout the platform secure the flow of data from its capture, during its use and dissemination, through its storage and final destruction. Further, we developed our product training and documentation to assist our users in maximizing the Trace security features. Additionally, the Trace platform readily incorporates into an entity’s existing physical and technical security program, making it easier for our clients’ to comply with their own internal HIPAA/HITECH specifications.


Trace Can Improve Performance In Virtually Every Hospital Department

Trace can be used in individual departments of the hospital or facility-wide. In fact, Trace benefits expand the more the system is used.

In Pre-Registration, Trace can document insurance benefits and eligibility, capture patient out-of-pocket information, and record registration instructions should they be needed later.

In Scheduling, Trace establishes a central intake for physician orders, and electronically routes and stores scheduling requests. This eliminates paper storage and misplaced faxes.

In Patient Access, Trace records insurance authorization calls and documents online benefits and eligibility. It also captures fax notifications, so all information is in one place.

For Case Management, Trace backs up daily encounters with insurance companies, patients and physicians, and makes it simple to resolve billing disputes, prevent and overturn denials. Trace also coordinates the hand-off of care to outside facilities, and establishes a record of your compliance with critical standards.

In your Business Office, Trace makes it simple to reference communication records to prevent and overturn denials. Trace also reduces the administrative cost of appeals, and can dramatically reduce rework and phone tag between departments.


A Patient Information System That Actually Keeps You Informed.

Log in securely from any computer (even from home). Review audio of phone calls, faxes and electronic documents. Email or fax any document that you need to. Automatically import and export records to other hospital systems. Confirm actions and notify others of further action.

What used to take hours can now be done in minutes, because you’re not having to chase information from person to person, or system to system. Trace puts everything at your fingertips, and you can move quickly (and properly) to help create the best possible patient care.

Trace is easy to learn, and we have trainers and online modules to help all your people get up and running. Our support team is second-to-none as well—should you have a question or a problem, we’ll move promptly to get it resolved.