November 11, 2015

Article: What’s New in the Latest Tracker Release 7

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Overall, the changes in Release 7 provide the user with a cleaner look that is more visually appealing. In addition, the functionality supports our conversion to worklists and best practices.

This document highlights the most significant changes. In addition, logging in to Release 7 will present the user with a tour that describes the changes which can be viewed multiple times at the user’s request.

To access the tour, choose setup in Tracker and user preferences. The last option under general setting will repeat the tour.


Worklists replace the faxes and recording tabs

release notes 1

Worklists can be further customized by creating advanced searches and saving as worklists. release notes 2

To create a worklist, use the following steps:

  1. Create an advanced search
  2. Run the search
  3. Name the search and save as a worklist





The user can choose their default worklist and the patient tab results can also be saved as worklists. release notes 3

To choose a default worklist:

  1. Choose setup
  2. Preferences
  3. Default log in view



Indexing Information

Indexing information and reservations are visible in worklists.

release notes 4

Quick Filters

Quick filters allow for easy searching of worklists. Quick filters cannot be saved.release notes 5











Custom Fields

Custom fields can be assigned by record type.

release notes 6

To assign a custom field to a record type:

  1. Choose new custom field
  2. Create field label and type
  3. New Option to Display for: choose recording or image


Notifications are by group only.

User may create a list of notification favorites. Customized notification groups can be created.

release notes 7

To create a custom notification group:

  1. Administration
  2. Choose Groups
  3. Create a group number, name and description
  4. Choose your group from the list of groups
  5. Choose the team you wish to pull members from
  6. Choose team members

To create notification favorites:

  1. Choose notify from the actions tab
  2. Choose manage notification favorites
  3. Assign groups to your personal or team list

Destination Codes

release notes 8

You can create a list of favorite destination codes.

To create a list of favorite destination codes:

  1. Choose administration
  2. Choose fax destinations
  3. Add favorites to your personal or team list


release notes 9

Folders can be created in the downloads tab to allow grouping of required documents

To create download folders:

  1. Choose downloads
  2. Under add new files, choose the team-Select a folder or create new folder and name the folder
  3. Choose document to upload