July 30, 2015

Case Study: Mercy Medical Center – Canton, OH

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Mercy Medical partnered with Vyne Medical to conduct an assessment of departmental processes. Best practices were identified to address the following initiatives:

  • Streamline workflow with paperless approach to physician order management.
  • Improve patient and physician satisfaction by eliminating lost orders.
  • Boost collaboration and efficiency with centralized access to needed records.
  • Enhance financial performance with documentation of insurance authorization.

Best practices were implemented and hardwired through supporting technology solutions.

Mercy Medical has achieved excellent results in the quest to improve key performance indicators such as patient experience, workflow and physician & staff alignment. Real-time access to critical fax records has created an efficient work environment, fostered collaboration among teams and improved service levels to both patients and physicians. Scheduling will soon add voice recording and quality scoring as another best practice to further these performance improvements.

Download Case Study (PDF)