September 28, 2013

Article: Leverage Communication to Enhance Revenue Cycle Performance

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Consider this: How would your job change if records of your daily efforts to secure payment were available, at your fingertips, at any time? As access professionals, we spend a great amount of time and effort working to ensure full and accurate reimbursement for our services. These efforts involve routine exchanges, such as precertifications, authorizations, notifications and verification of eligibility. The challenge comes in showing proof of this communication when called into question.

At Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, we use a communication event management system to document our steps to secure payment for our services. The system combines electronic, fax and call management applications that allow staff to view all communication records through one central tracking system. This article proposes strategies for documenting routine communication to support patient access outcomes. Records can be used as evidence to prevent and manage denials, increase productivity and enhance quality system wide.

To read the full article by Florence Davis, Patient Access Director at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, in Access Management Journal, click here.