August 21, 2014

Prioritize Records with New Urgent Features!

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Be on the lookout for new features designed to help you prioritize urgent records in Trace. You will soon be able to mark a record in Tracker as urgent using a new flag feature included the next release. The flag has been added as an option in the Custom Field drop-down menu. Records marked urgent are added to a worklist in Tracker and can remain on the list for up to 60 days.

You can also create rules that automatically flag a record as urgent once an assigned time limit has expired. Once the record’s “date completed” field has been populated, the record is removed from the urgent list. If the “date completed” is removed, the countdown will resume.

After a record has been marked urgent, you can set Trace to send notifications via email as reminders for those responsible for working the item.

To learn more about our new urgent features, please contact Trace customer support or your Trace administrator.

For a complete list of features in our upcoming release, click here.