May 20, 2014

Webinar: How to Use Trace Fax & Electronic Tools to Manage Your Workflow

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On Wednesday, June 18 2014 we offered a complimentary 45-minute webinar titled:

“How to Use Trace Fax & Electronic Tools to Manage Your Workflow”

Click the link below to listen along as we discussed how to work more efficiently with new features built in to Trace fax and electronic tools.

FaxCert® facilitates electronic faxing – eliminating the need to print, scan and manually fax documents. Trace automatically captures both inbound and outbound faxes, along with important details like sender/recipient, date/time and proof of receipt.

Faxes are digitized, indexed by patient and available for retrieval and routing through Trace. Alerts provide notice of new faxes, unsuccessful transmission and delivery confirmation.

In addition to providing a virtual fax tray to send and receive faxes, Trace also offers workflow features to help efficiently manage your workflow.

In this webinar, we reviewed the latest Trace features such as fax reservations, work lists and a new snooze feature you can use to hide a record until you need to see it again.

Do not miss this opportunity to gain valuable insight from this timely webinar. Click here to watch!