April 3, 2014

Webinar: How to Use Trace Voice & QA Tools to Improve the Patient Experience

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“How to Use Trace Voice and QA Tools to Improve the Patient Experience”
We will discuss strategies how to record and monitor your patient interactions to improve the overall patient experience.
As someone who uses Trace Voice tools, you know the power a voice recording can have – power to support your staff, to overturn a denial, to track down the root of a problem – and much more. With a new tool from Trace, those voice recordings now have even greater value – and this time, it’s to improve the patient experience.
Join Trace and a client hospital as we review opportunities to record and score interactions with patients for a better patient experience. The presentation will include discussion of a new Trace module, Communication Quality Manager™, designed to leverage your repository of phone calls and face-to-face recordings for reliable quality assurance of employee interactions with patients.
Here are the highlights:

  • Record phone calls and in-person interactions to improve communication with patients
  • Create custom scorecards to measure employees on relevant criteria
  • Use powerful reporting tools to track and trend scores over time
  • Review quality scores by team, employee and even question
  • Quickly pinpoint problem areas and training needs

Do not miss this opportunity to gain valuable insight from this timely webinar.

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