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Article: 5 Ways to Ensure a Smooth Flight through the Revenue Cycle

At the annual conference for the National Association of Healthcare Access Management (NAHAM), attendees had the opportunity to learn how they could improve the revenue cycle flight experience at their facilities by using “black box” technology from Trace.

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Article: Trace Gives Little Company Big Gains

With the implementation of Trace FaxCert, employees at the Little Company of Mary (Torrance, Calif.) have saved themselves both time and mileage. One department’s average of about 40 faxes per day is now easier to manage thanks to an employee suggestion program that brought Trace into new areas of their hospital.

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Article: Methodist LeBonheur Branches Out with Trace

67… the number of departments now using Trace at Methodist LeBonheur Healthcare, a seven-hospital system in Memphis, Tenn. And the number continues to climb as new areas learn of outcomes achieved with Trace. Read about Methodist’s success in expanding Trace for improved productivity, patient satisfaction and physician support across the system.

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