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Event: Catch us at HFMA Hudson Valley NY – April 3 in New York

Plan to go by our booth and say hi to Blair as he exhibits at HFMA Hudson Valley. He’ll be giving away $100, so you don’t want to miss out!

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Event: Hang with us at HFMA Northern CA’s spring conference – March 20-21 in Sacramento

Come by the booth and get some much needed info as we hang out in sunny Sacramento!

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Event: Stop by our booth at WA-AK HFMA – February 25-27 in Seattle, WA

Come grab a hound dog and say hi as we exhibit at WA-AK HFMA!

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Webinar: Patient Engagement Begins in the Revenue Cycle

Recorded Tuesday, March 4, 2014 1:00 pm (EST) Click here to watch as the CentraState Healthcare System thought leader, Gaye Werblin, reviews strategic initiatives for revenue cycle leaders to further engage patients in their care experience. Ensure meaningful upfront encounters with Patient Access – at each and every encounter. Hardwire measurable standards throughout the Patient Access

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7 Ways Your Hospital Could be Losing Revenue

You have to protect the revenue you’re bringing in the door right now, and make sure that what you do protects that revenue down the road. Insurance companies return claims an average of two times to get the information they require to process the claim. They know that if they continue to deny, they usually

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Article: 5 Steps Towards Protecting Your Revenue

The revenue cycle is a complex process. It’s not an easy undertaking to make sure you’ve taken all the right steps to protect your ability to be paid for every patient coming into your facility. What helps the process go smoothly is for all players from the front, middle and back of the revenue cycle

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Transforming Communication Chaos into Communication Clarity

Communication chaos in most hospital systems is so much the norm that although administrators and staff may complain about it, they also simply accept it. “It’s just the way things are,” they shrug. Most don’t even track the costs of this problem because they are too far within the chaotic system itself to realize that change is possible.

Change is more than just possible; it’s already happening at hundreds of hospital systems around the country that finally realized the “norm” could no longer suffice.

Read this whitepaper about the hidden costs of communication chaos and how some hospitals are fixing the problem.

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Video: How Trace Helps Secure Payment

Becky Black, Vice President of Revenue Cycle at Southern Regional Hospital, describes how Trace helps hospitals secure payment, providing proof to protect revenue from denials and future recoupments.    

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Video: Trace Provides the Power of Proof

Michelle Fox, Director of Revenue Operations at Health First, describes how her organization has used Trace documentation to overturn denials and achieve ROI within three months of implementation.

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Video: Trace Impact on Cost to Collect

Steve Hovan, Vice President of Revenue Cycle at University of Tennessee Medical Center, talks about how Trace impacts cost to collect for hospitals.

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