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Product Details: Trace Applications Summary

Trace documents and manages communication in the healthcare setting to support efficient scheduling, authorization, coordination and reimbursement of patient care. Trace offers tools to capture any interaction – voice, fax, or electronic – tie it to the patient record and store it in a central location for immediate access across the enterprise. To see a

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Article: Trace Panel at National Case Management Conference

At the spring NICM-ACMA show in Orlando, Trace sponsored a panel session featuring four case management leaders from around the country. Panelists shared how Trace has impacted their workflows in areas such as communication, denials and performance improvement.

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Article: Leverage Communication to Protect Your Revenue

Hospitals invest countless hours in the financial and operational functions that support direct patient care. Administrative requirements from payers, government regulators and other stakeholders increase spending and drain limited hospital resources. Information systems that capture and centralize communication can substantiate these efforts, while also streamlining business processes.

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