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Product Details: Trace Overview

View a 2-page overview of Trace. Trace Overview (PDF)

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Prioritize Records with New Urgent Features!

Be on the lookout for new features designed to help you prioritize urgent records in Trace. You will soon be able to mark a record in Tracker as urgent using a new flag feature included the next release. The flag has been added as an option in the Custom Field drop-down menu. Records marked urgent

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How to Maximize Your Scheduling Workflow with Trace

“How to Maximize Your Scheduling Workflow with Trace” Created specifically for schedulers, this diagram reviews our workflow features such as fax reservations, work lists and a new snooze option you can use to hide a record until it needs further attention. Trace Scheduling Workflow (PDF)

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Trace Integration Services

Trace Integration tools make it easy to share patient health records – whether they are part of the EMR or outside it – while ensuring that protected health information remains secure. And the best part: Trace does it automatically, without any manual intervention – so no more printing, scanning or manual faxing. Trace Integration Services

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Memorial Hermann Uses Trace Integration to Export Records to Its Sovera Imaging System

Memorial Hermann Healthcare System’s Imaging and Correspondence Department processes nearly 10,000 records every month. Records come from various sources including insurance companies, financial institutions and patients and include items such as online EOBs and patient remits. All records must be sorted and moved over to Memorial Hermann’s imaging system, Sovera. Previously, the department received and

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