What Trace Is


Trace offers tools to capture any interaction – voice, fax or electronic – tie it to the patient record, and make it immediately accessible across the enterprise. A central point of access supports efficient scheduling, coordination and reimbursement of care.

Trace Web Interface


Tracker™ is an intuitive web interface of voice, fax and electronic communication. Records are indexed by patient and other custom criteria for easy search, sort, delivery and retrieval.

Search: search using simple and advanced criteria; view saved searches; batch fax and print records

Patient View: view all recorded communication for a particular patient visit

Fax Management: reconcile new faxes; notify other users of faxes; annotate, reserve and assign faxes

Voice Management: index recordings to patients; filter and notify other users of recordings

Trace Voice Tools

Trace offers a variety of voice recording applications scalable to fit any number of users or environments. With each application, recordings are indexed and stored in Trace for playback, download, routing and quality scoring.

Voice On-Demand™

Voice On-Demand™ facilitates user-initiated recording of incoming and outgoing calls and voicemails. A hardware connection between the phone and PC gives users the ability to index, bookmark and add comments to calls while recording.

Voice Auto-Record™

Voice Auto-Record™ automatically records calls through seamless integration with the hospital’s telephone system. Scalable to fit any number of users, the application is compatible with various configurations including VoIP, TDM and blended environments.

Voice Anywhere™

Voice Anywhere™ records live outbound calls from any phone. Bookmarking allows users to distinguish between segments of a call in which multiple patients are discussed.

Voice Face-to-Face™

Voice Face-to-Face™ records face-to-face conversations through a USB microphone connected to the user’s PC. Users can index, bookmark and add comments through their PCs while recording.

Trace Fax Tool


FaxCert® facilitates electronic faxing – eliminating the need to print, scan and manually fax documents. The tool automatically captures both inbound and outbound faxes, along with details such as sender/recipient, date/time and proof of receipt. Faxes are digitized, indexed by patient and available for retrieval and routing through Trace. Alerts provide notice of new faxes, unsuccessful transmission and delivery confirmation.

Trace Electronic Tool


PixCert® offers the ability to capture web pages, patient records, scanned documents and images through any web-enabled PC. The tool captures activities performed through web sites, electronic documents and emails. Captured images are indexed and can be routed through Trace or electronically faxed to any outside party.

Trace Quality Assurance

Communication Quality Manager™

Communication Quality Manager™ (CQM) is used to perform quality assurance of staff communication. Custom scorecards and reporting tools give hospitals the ability to track and trend quality scores by team, agent and question. For more information about CQM, download the product overview PDF now.

Trace Integration

Trace Integration tools facilitate secure, automatic sharing of records between systems and with other providers without manual intervention.

HIS Integration establishes an HL7 interface to index Trace records to the most up-to-date patient information available in the hospital’s ADT system.

Image Export Service transfers fax and electronic image files from Trace to other systems. Files and associated indexing information are automatically exported to the hospital’s medical record system.

Image Import Service imports files from other systems into Trace for processing, faxing and/or routing. The tool automates document delivery to external providers ordering physicians and to internal teams/individuals.

Trace easily integrates with most major HIS platforms such as Epic®, Allscripts™, Cerner®, McKesson® HPF, Siemens’ Soarian®, Sovera®, MEDITECH and others.

Download Trace Integration Services (PDF)